Arizona-Based Husband And Wife Team Publish Preschool Educational Picture Book, The Gecko Is On The Cover

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The Gecko Is On The Cover helps children learn directional words as the little gecko finds new places to hide, featuring hand-drawn watercolor collages and easy-to-read text.

The Gecko Is On The Cover

The Gecko is On the Cover” is a new picture book for preschoolers by Arizona husband and wife team Sean and Michelle Buvala. The book, which focuses on “directional words,” follows a desert gecko as it hides in strange places, including a big surprise at the end.

The Gecko is On the Cover
The Gecko is On the Cover

The book’s art and words, which are gentle and entertaining, encourage the young child to read along. The Buvalas hope that children will learn to read and comprehend directional words through their work while having a good time.

According to Sean Buvala, they wanted to write a book where kids could learn and have fun at the same time. They think that “The Gecko is on the Cover” is a great way to teach young children directional words, or prepositions, in a fun and interesting way.

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Sean and Michelle Buvala

For more than two decades, the Buvalas have been writing books and stories for children. Michelle has illustrated  various books, and Sean has different titles he has created. Their “Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group” has let grant winning books out of writers across the US.

According to Sean, they’ve had an exceptionally useful spring such a long ways as they just launched three new books for youngsters while they were at the Tucson Celebration of Books last March. Micelle added that they’re working on having more books that fit in with the life in the Sonoran desert, as pretty much everyone has had a house gecko or two meandering around their home in the desert.

The book “The Gecko is On the Cover” is now available online and in a few independent bookstores.

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