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Do you know about “Beating The Force Of Average Book by Jason Gelios”? “the best book magazine in the UK“ Aok Iteam, interviewed author and realtor Jason Gelios talks about his new book, Beating The Force Of Average, which teaches readers how to make positive changes in their lives.

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Written by JJ Barnes

Tell me who you are.

I am a leading real estate agent serving the Southeast Michigan market, author of two books, Think Like a Realtor and Beating The Force Of Average, and a global real estate professional. I am also a proud husband and father of two wonderful children. Beating, The Force Of Average, Book by Jason Gelios, Best Entertainment, Celebrity, Magazine in the UK

I remember spending countless hours in the college library reading Hardy Boys books. I loved the time I spent reading these stories and the feeling of living in a completely different world.You could say that I have always loved books and the knowledge they impart. I love reading what other people have to say, so I mostly stick to non-fiction. When it came time to write one, I was excited to create something from the heart, something to be proud of.

When did you first want to write a book?

All my life I’ve always thought it would be satisfying to be a writer. I’m a fan of reading and what books have to offer, but it wasn’t until 2018 that I started working on my first book, Think Like a Realtor. At the time, I was looking for something of value to offer to those I came into contact with or wanted to work with, as well as other people who might benefit from my knowledge. This idea gained momentum when I started researching how to make a book. This prompted me to continue to start and realize the project.Beating, The Force Of Average, Book by Jason Gelios, Best Entertainment, Celebrity, Magazine in the UK

When did you decide to start writing?

My formal writing business began in 2018 with my first book, Think Like a Realtor; A Short Book on Buying and Selling Homes Through the Eyes of a Realtor. This book was created as a helpful resource for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. The idea came to me when I was looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. Having a passion for printed books, I thought it would be a great idea to create a book that would be well received as well as give out business cards.

How long did it take you for your first book, from the initial idea to publication?

With my first book, it took me about two years from writing my thoughts to designing and completing the book. This book took longer as I learned the process and learned what to do in terms of design, formatting and publishing. I saved a lot of time by using my print design experience to create my book design.

Although I had a hard time wondering if I liked the design I came up with. Not to mention that I worked on it outside of my normal working hours. There was trial and error along the way, but it better prepared me to write my second book.

How long did it take you to complete your latest book, from initial idea to publication?

It took me about a year to complete my second book on punching, The Force Of Average. Although this book is larger and has more pages than my first book, I went into this project with more experience as a writer.It took about a year from the idea to implementation.Beating, The Force Of Average, Book by Jason Gelios, Best Entertainment, Celebrity, Magazine in the UK

My second book is more of a passionate project that I wanted to share with the masses, so I worked on it in my free time while pursuing my other endeavors. Most of the time was spent on content and making sure everything I wanted to share was in my first draft.

Focuses on its latest version. What prompted you to write “Beating The Force Of Average”?

One of the reasons I wrote this book, Overcoming the Power of Mediocrity, is to share what I’ve learned throughout my career, from struggling worker to successful professional. I’ve learned so much on my journey to success and felt the need to give others the hope they need to change their lives for the better. You could say this book is my heart project. If even one person makes a positive change in their life by reading this book, I consider it a success.

What were your biggest challenges writing “Beating The Force Of Average”?

The biggest challenge I faced in writing my second book was reformatting my text to fit the size of the book I was creating. Even when I was researching what the gutter or spine should be for the inside of the book, I found that my text was too close to the inside fold when I looked at the author’s copy.

This made reading difficult as the book had to be opened too wide. Realizing this, I had to increase the margin and reformat all of my text, causing a delay in my process. It was very frustrating at the time, but I focused on my end goal and achieved it, resulting in a very satisfying final copy.

How was your research process for “Beating The Force Of Average”?

Most of my research revolved around refining the information I shared and making sure everything was where it was supposed to be and nothing important was left out. Further research provided inspiration for the overall design of my book, inside and out. I think the exploration phase is very important, so I put hours into this part of making the book.

How did you design the structure of “Beating The Force Of Average”?

After creating my first book, I learned a few tricks that will help me get off to a good start on my second book. One tip I learned is to write each topic I wanted to cover on separate index cards and organize them so they fit nicely in the book.Beating, The Force Of Average, Book by Jason Gelios, Best Entertainment, Celebrity, Magazine in the UK

This allowed me to stagger each topic until I was satisfied with the structure of my book. After completing this step, I delved into each topic and worked on it individually.This has been helpful to me as my attention is drawn in many different directions. I recommend it to anyone who wants to focus on their book idea.

Did you get editing assistance and how many edits did “Beating The Force Of Average” require?

When I was sure my draft was ready for proofreading, I had the drawing proofread by an expert to make sure everything was correctly punctuated and spelled correctly. This was very helpful as my proofreader also suggested using different words to convey a point of view.I consider it imperative that the book be reviewed by an expert before it becomes a final version. I think my books have become even more readable as a result of the proposed changes.

What is the first piece of writing advice you would give someone that inspired you to write a book?

The best advice I can give aspiring writers is to get the thoughts out of your head and get down to a draft, whether it’s creating a digital file or writing words on paper, write all up without worrying about punctuation marks or punctuation when organizing the process. Not only will this inspire you to keep going, but it means you’ve started the process.

When I had the idea of ​​writing my first book, I used a voice app to take my thoughts and put them into words. An idea or thought crosses my mind, I pick up my phone and start dictating everything into the app. Next, I organized those thoughts and words into sections for an outline. The key is to begin.

Can you tell me which books you would like to write in the future?

While I have nothing in particular for a third book, I do plan to release several e-books in 2023 with helpful advice on buying and selling real estate. Although you never know when inspiration will strike!

And finally, are you proud of your achievement? It was worth it?

Having put time and effort into both of my books, I can honestly say it was very satisfying. When you put your heart into the creation of a book, the most satisfying thing is seeing the end product. It’s also nice to hear words of encouragement from others who are discovering your book.

Many people still love the printed book and are happy to meet a local author who helped create the book. While the process of writing a book can be daunting at times, it’s nice to see the finished book in your hands.It’s worth making a book in the long run, and I intend to do it again.

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