The Best Deck-Building Materials Recommended By Experts

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Rhode Island Deck Builders, a main provider of deck installation in RI, is glad to share their most recent rundown of the best deck-building materials.

Best Deck-Building Materials

The Rhode Island Deck Builders business owners explained that homeowners must carefully select their materials due to the harsh climate of the state. Additionally, deck boards may require less replacement and less upkeep over time if the material is chosen correctly.

In light of this, the team at The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders offers their recommendations for the best deck-building materials in 2023.

Pressure-Treated Pine

Many homeowners still prefer pressure-treated pine. It is long-lasting, affordable, and simple to cut and make. In turn, pressure-treated pine kits or DIY deck installation are common options for homeowners.

The disadvantage to pine is that its normal tone is frequently fairly tasteless. The homeowner must then paint or stain it to keep the same color over time. Your costs for upkeep may rise as a result.


In contrast, they point out that redwood has a stunning natural appearance. Redwood is more expensive, but its rich natural color doesn’t usually need to be painted or stained. This makes homeowner maintenance less expensive and easier.


The owners of the business note that cedar is also a durable material for decking and offers stunning natural color. It is also resistant to rot, termites, and other types of damage due to its natural oils. Nonetheless, cedar variety blurs more rapidly than redwood, so cedar decking needs a variety of final details throughout the long term.


One more decision the proprietors of Rhode Island Deck Manufacturers suggest is bamboo. Because it quickly regenerates itself, bamboo is environmentally friendly and a popular choice among homeowners. Additionally, it resists chipping, warping, and damage from water.

The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders team also points out that while bamboo is a cost-effective option, it can be challenging to cut with standard saws. It’s not generally the most ideal decision for Do-It-Yourself decking.


Composite decking is a new option that homeowners are embracing and will likely be popular in 2023. This material is explained in greater detail by the Rhode Island Deck Builders owners. Composite decking is made from pieces of plastic and wood. These are regularly squeezed along major areas of strength for with, so they make a strong surface on the ground.

What advantages does composite decking offer? First, leftover plastic pieces and wood chips are used by many manufacturers to make composite materials. This makes them very eco-accommodating. Additionally, that plastic and its adhesive result in a long-lasting deck resistant to warping, chipping, mold, and other damage. They explain that the disadvantage of composite is that it cannot be altered in color or appearance.


Aluminum decking is another option that The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders recommends for the year 2023. Additionally, aluminum is resistant to warping, rotting, chipping, mold, pest infestation, and warping. Because of this, it’s a great option for a busy family where other materials are more likely to get scratched and damaged.

There are numerous additional advantages to aluminum. Even on hot summer days, the material keeps you cooler because it reflects heat. It rarely requires staining, sealing, painting, or other maintenance.

However, they do mention one drawback. Saltwater can cause aluminum to corrode. In turn, not all homes near the coast benefit from it.


In 2023, Rhode Island Deck Builders recommend one final deck-building material. A comfortable, long-lasting surface can be found in either PVC or plastic. They’re likewise entirely reasonable and simple to clean. Mold, rotting, and cracking are all naturally prevented by plastic. The fact that some homeowners dislike the plastic decking’s unnatural appearance is its only drawback.

Rhode Island Deck Builders

Rhode Island Deck Builders is now offering complimentary price quotes for deck installation. The group conveys an extensive variety of deck materials and can make a deck plan that works for your property and spending plan specifically.

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