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Best Small Business Ideas with Skyview Blog, Skyview CEO Brandon Reiter writes on Aokiteam,” Best Entertainment Magazine Uk“, small businesses to succeed with his blog and Sky’s The Limit book.

the best entertainment celebrity magazine in the UK

Written by JJ Barnes

Like many people around the world, I have lost my job due to the pandemic. After several years working as a banker and CFO for a multi-million dollar company, I found myself at a crossroads.

I felt that I had gained experience and valuable Small Business Ideas financial management knowledge to offer, especially in times of uncertainty for entrepreneurs. I didn’t want another “typical” 9 to 5 so I founded Skyview CFO in May 2021.

Since May, Skyview has helped over 20 Small Business Ideas with various financial services. From business plans to virtual accounting and forecasting, Skyview reassures business owners that their finances are properly protected.

Why I Started the Skyview Blog for Small Business Ideas

In an effort to grow Skyview’s initial customer base, I spoke to a friend about how I could improve my website’s search engine optimization (SEO) so more potential customers could find my website. He said that having a blog on my article page listing various keywords related to my industry can improve SEO. Basically, I’ve always been a writer. In college, I contributed to major sports blogs like Bleacher Report.

I even wrote a manuscript for fun once. I’ve always had a creative writing spirit. I thought it would be a great idea to have a blog linked to my website to increase traffic and give me the creative writing opportunity I’ve always wanted.

I’ve started writing blog posts about how Skyview can help small businesses and my thoughts and opinions on current business issues that interest my target audience. Writing these articles has not only fueled my creative passion but has also kept me up to date on current events and prepared for questions from my clients about the state of the economy and the potential impact it could have on their business.

Promoting Skyview content with Small Business Ideas

Content By utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, sharing my content has led to increased engagement and conversations about my writing and business. For the first time in my life, I felt like my written word meant more to people than just a hobby.

As I continued to write articles, I wondered how I could use these efforts to build even more credibility for my brand. I figured since I already have a lot of content focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners I could combine many of my posts and create a business guide.

Writing my book for Small Business Ideas

Since my student days as a sports blogger, publishing my book has been my big goal. I’ve always felt that even if no one bought a copy, to see my name in an actual physical book would be a dream come true.

I’ve tried writing fiction before. I’ve written dozens of first chapters but have never gotten over the hump of “Where does this story go?”. However, when I started writing non-fiction, the words flowed more naturally, and I finished my first draft in about two months.

After I had the idea for meaningful chapters and topics for the book, I was also able to use my research to write blog posts in parallel. I found a way to achieve my goal of publishing a book while increasing my engagement with my business.

Connections to Entrepreneurs with Small Business Ideas:

Entrepreneurs In writing this book, I was able to connect with other entrepreneurs who have had very successful careers. Being able to talk to them and hear their experiences and opinions was eye-opening and gave my content a broader perspective.

After a lot of reading, editing and writing, I was finally able to publish the book on Amazon at the end of February. The book’s title, Sky’s The Limit: Navigating a Business Launch, focuses on several ideals that new entrepreneurs need to be aware of when deciding to do what they do: go solo and start a business.

Getting the first copy in the mail was exciting, especially as the cover was designed by my mother, a very talented painter. I always told her that if I ever published a book, she would paint the cover. Every time I walk into the office and see a book on the shelf, it reminds me that if I set my mind to something, page by page, article by article, it can be done.

Help to Small Business Ideas:Best Small Business Ideas, with Skyview Blog, Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK, By Aokieam

The best thing about my book is that as my consulting career progresses, I can continue to add to it and publish revised editions, increasing my experience, knowledge,

and network. Last week I was contacted by a Small Business Ideas journalist who wanted to know more about how small business owners can fight rising inflation. He used my views in his article and to my surprise, I saw my quotes on the NASDAQ website.

If you are an entrepreneur or interested in business and economics in general, my blog can be fun and useful. Find it at.

In less than four months my blog has reached an average of 500 monthly readers and I hope to continue to grow by posting more useful articles and topics to help small business owners continue to navigate through the difficulties. The water still lingers after the pandemic.

If you are a creative person, like to read, write or just express your opinions, I strongly encourage you to start your blog even if you are not sure which direction you want to go. I thought my blog was just a way to improve my website’s SEO, but for me, it’s become so much more. If you have any questions about getting started or need financial services as a business owner, please contact me at: [email protected]!



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