Breathable Cities Is A New Program To Support Clean Air Startups

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Breathable Cities is determined to search out UK new companies further develop air quality in urban communities and metropolitan areas.

Clean Air Solutions

Breathable Cities is a brand-new accelerator program that aims to assist early-stage businesses in putting their clean-air solutions into action more quickly and successfully.

Pollution is responsible for up to 36,000 deaths each year in the UK. It affects more people who live in poor urban areas and is more noticeable in clinically vulnerable or minority communities. Long haul openness to contaminated air can prompt diminished future from cardiovascular infections, respiratory sicknesses, and cellular breakdown in the lungs. Likewise, harming air quality can be predominant in both indoor and outside conditions.

Breathable Cities

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With a desire to change a portion of these overwhelming results, Breathable Cities is a free multi-week serious program intended to find and assist with speeding up 8-10 chosen new companies whose arrangement forestalls or diminishes air contamination. A range of expert support modules and a £10,000 non-equity grant are among the program’s benefits. These include enhancing business concepts and preparing founders and investors. custom workshops, pitching clinics, growth marketing, and one-on-one coaching

Business Committed To Improving Environmental Health

Impact on Urban Health, and Growth Studio, two organizations that share a strong commitment to finding solutions that improve human and environmental health, have formed the purpose-driven partnership known as Breathable Cities.

The Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Foundation, a charitable organization whose mission is health equity and includes impact investing for health, is home to Impact on Urban Health. Influence on Metropolitan Wellbeing plans to make metropolitan regions better places for everybody to reside, by eliminating snags to great well-being. The Health Effects of Air Pollution program looks into how bad air quality affects people’s health and tries to find ways to make it better.

Growth Studio

Growth Studio is an expert in developing global startup accelerators. Paul Finch and Rayan Jawad co-founded the organization, which helps founders and their teams create, build, and launch solutions, particularly technologies, that improve the world.

Paul Finch, Co-Founder of Growth Studio, explained that they designed Breathable Cities with a sharp sense of urgency in mind. Transforming the human impact of poor air quality is fundamental to our Breathable Cities mission, and eventually, we hope to be able to provide this kind of support to startups and cities worldwide. We want to catapult solutions that resolve the catastrophic result of polluted air, both indoors and outdoors.

Impact Of Urban Health

Air pollution is the single greatest environmental threat to health, according to Kate Langford, Director of the Health Effect of Air Pollution program at Impact on Urban Health. In the UK, it results in tens of thousands of deaths annually and costs the economy billions of pounds. However, it also concerns social justice. Endlessly time once more, research shows that while everybody is impacted, it’s those on lower livelihoods, from minoritized nationalities, youngsters, or more established individuals, who experience the ill effects of air contamination.

They are thrilled to support the accelerator program for Breathable Cities. They want to assist businesses in maintaining efficiency while simultaneously lowering air pollution in our cities. And start-up businesses are a great place to look for creative and innovative solutions to air pollution.


Innovate UK

Innovate UK’s Clean Air Innovation Lead, Kevin O’Malley added that the UK’s greatest environmental health threat is air pollution. With the right support and investment, this industry can not only improve air quality domestically and internationally, but it will also generate significant economic growth and high-quality, sustainable jobs for the UK. Fortunately, this county has a strong, emerging Clean Air Tech sector.

Applications are accepted for the Breathable Cities accelerator program from a wide range of industry startups that are already developing innovations to address air pollution and clean air inequity in urban areas. The program will begin in June 2023 and run until September 2023 after a shortlist has been chosen.

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