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On April 11th 2023, World Breathing Day, the International Breathwork Foundation and changemakers from all over the world will gather to BREATHE PEACE.

World Breathing Day

Breathe Peace, On World Breathing, Day 2023, Aokiteam, is the Best Entertainment ,Celebrity, Magazine, in the UK
World Breathing Day 2023

At the same time, the world is going through a lot of change and growth on a lot of different levels. It is clear that powerful tools are needed to make it easy and peaceful in times of upheaval and apparent uncertainty Breathe Peace. The World Breathing Day is here to provide a very specific and accessible path to peace for so many people worldwide.

BREATHE PEACE In a world where wars continue, how can people from where they stand and breathe achieve peace and conflict resolution?

Participate in a global celebration of the power of collective breathing and the practice of conscious breathing on April 11th. Consider the fact that everyone, regardless of race, religion, social status, or number of social media followers, can use conscious breathing as a local medicine and unifying force.

Every year on World Breathing Day, the International Breathwork Foundation, its global community of breathworkers, and its beacons of light in the peace and wellness communities around the world would like to remind people of the powerful medicine that is conscious breathing and the power that we all have when we breathe together to unite.

International Breathwork Foundation

The International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) has represented and collaborated with breathing specialists for a quarter of a century, accumulating expertise and knowledge on the arts, sciences, history, and practices of conscious breathing. IBF projects and exercises work on the lives and prosperity of individuals of any age and foundations.

Conscious Breathing in the Classroom (CBC) is one of the IBF’s global projects that aims to bring peace into classrooms all over the world. Joann Lowell, a professional member of the IBF who has been a breathworker for a long time, and her team of highly regarded breathworkers have been teaching teachers a particular curriculum all over the world. On the official Zoom event that takes place on World Breathing Day, she will talk about how teachers can get involved, learn the CBC curriculum, and have an impact on children for many years to come.

Breathe Peace

It might appear to be an abstract idea at first, but is it? This is a straightforward greeting to praise the capacity to inhale intentionally, to achieve harmony and to develop it from the inside. People can choose to share peace in all the ways that humans do as they cultivate peace for themselves. The act of conscious breathing together can also serve as a means of preserving one another’s peace. People’s desire for their fellow citizens of the world to know how to find peace once and for all is also an act of compassion. Humans bring peace to the world in all of these ways.

On World Breathing Day, people from all over the world unite in one global collective breath to teach, learn, share, celebrate, meditate, dance, be creative, and be inspired by the global community of breath.

Consciously breathing together has the ability to transcend all social divides and unite individuals. Differences, fear, and alienation have been woven into the ongoing conflicts over race, religion, and culture. Is the goal of both the treatment and the medicine to find tranquility?

Create Peace

Rabie Hayek, co-creator of World Breathing Day and visionary behind, stated that humans must have a way and a place to create peace and become peace so that we can breathe peace in the midst of the wars in Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, and the areas of hunger and strife in our world. We become the place where peace exists when we breathe peace.

Therefore, peace talks, which have frequently resulted in conflicts between warring nations and governments, are not the ideal venue for a gathering. It’s using the quiet power of collectively choosing to breathe peacefully as members of one world and caring that our neighbors do the same.

As a result of the pandemic and everything that went along with it, many people have finally returned to creating great, robust health regimens. Personal development leaders have recently noticed one thing more than any other thing in the field of human development:

Breathing with Awareness

World Breathing Day 2023 offers an intelligent and experiential, FREE web-based worldwide Zoom occasion in two different time regions for your benefit (USA and Europe) and to celebrate with companions all over the planet over the course of the day. In order to BREATHE PEACE, qualified, well-known, and experienced practitioners of breathwork will present evidence-based breathing techniques at this event.

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Breathe in nature or a favorite meditation spot if you have the opportunity. On April 11, this year and every year, breathe peace with those around you by breathing together in a simple flow. Feel what you contribute to the collective celebration.

Use the hashtags #WorldBreathingDay #BreatheWBD to share photos and videos of yourself, your friends, and/or your event on Instagram and Twitter.

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