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Bronwyn Smith – Dream A Big Life

the best entertainment celebrity magazine in the UKWritten by JJ Barnes

Bronwyn Smith – Dream A Big Life “the best book magazine in the UK“” Aoki Team”, author and hypnotherapist Bronwyn Smith talks about her financial freedom advice book, Dream A Big Life.

I interviewed Bronywn Smith about her life and career which inspired her to write the book Dream A Big Life about financial freedom and her writing process.

Tell me who you are.

I am an author Bronwyn Smith, trainer and clinical hypnotherapist. Before starting my career, I worked as a lawyer for almost 30 years, including around 20 years as a specialist lawyer for family law. I grew up in Sydney, Australia.

When did you first want to write a book?

About 12 years ago I thought I would like to write a book. I didn’t know what to write so it took me so long to make my dream come true.Bronwyn Smith, Dream A Big Life, Best Entertainment, Celebrity ,Magazine in the UK

When did you decide to start writing?

As Author Bronwyn Smith, About 2 years ago I proposed an idea for another book to my publisher and she really liked it.So I wrote a book that hasn’t been published yet. Because I’ve decided it makes more sense to write and publish Dream A Big Life about financial freedom and prosperity.

How long did it take you for your first book, from idea to publication?

lasted about 12-13 months.

What prompted you to write Dream A Big Life?

I wanted to change the perception of money. So many people have negative associations with money, but money can be very simple. The difficulty is knowing where to start. So I decided to write this book that will show people how easy it is to change their mindset, skills and body memory about money which will change their financial future. I wanted people to see that money isn’t a big secret, it’s actually easy to master.And that anyone can master money with a few simple changes.

What were your biggest challenges writing Dream A Big Life?

Putting the chapters in the right order to keep the book coherent was perhaps my greatest challenge. But I am very satisfied with the book and the information it contains.

How was your research process for Dream A Big Life?

I haven’t really done much research. Most of the content comes from what I’ve learned over the past 30 years about money and wealth and how to become financially free. So the book is actually the step I took to become financially free. Thanks to this book I live every day. I always try to buy as much as possible at reduced prices.I try not to waste too much money: everyone wastes some, but I limit it as much as possible. I save and invest in real estate and the stock market.

How did you design the structure of Dream A Big Life?

I made a fairly detailed proposal to my publisher, and that became the structure of my book.
I have arranged the book in the most logical order, starting with mindset, then skills, then back to your mind to build dreams about your financial future and why you want that financial future that gives you the motivation to make your own dreams to follow.Bronwyn Smith, Dream A Big Life, Best Entertainment, Celebrity ,Magazine in the UK

Then use Universal, then back to Skillset to show the reader the basics of investing in real estate or the stock market. Because as with anything, there are many factors that go into financial freedom and I wanted the reader to have all the factors that would help them build their idea of ​​financial freedom.

Did you get editing assistance and how much editing did Dream A Big Life take?

I had a very good editor and she was fantastic. There weren’t many changes per se, more optimizations than anything else.

What is the first piece of writing advice you would give someone that inspired you to write a book?

Write about something you really love and are really passionate about.

Can you tell me what other books you want to write?

I have already written another book, in fact I wrote this book first. It will be more about building the life of your dreams and less about money. Like Dream A Big Life, it will be part skill and part woo woo. I love this connection.

And finally: Are you proud of your success? It was worth it?

I love my book and I’m really proud of it because I know it will help many people change the way they think about money and wealth and teach them how to be financially independent.

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