Classical Music Podcast, Marjan's Musical Soirées, Reaches International Audiences

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Marjan’s Musical Soirées, a highly regarded podcast series, is attracting an enthusiastic international audience with its meticulously crafted presentations.

Marjan’s Musical Soirées

Marjan’s Musical Soirées, a highly regarded podcast series, has launched successfully from a private home studio in Littleton, New Hampshire. Its meticulously crafted presentations have attracted an enthusiastic international audience.

Marjan Kiepura, a classical pianist, and Jane Knox-Kiepura, a classical pianist, established Patria Productions in 2000 to promote Marjan’s CD recording of Frederic Chopin’s works, with an emphasis on Chopin’s mazurkas. His presentation recording, “Pictures of a Country”, got brilliant surveys. A significant YouTube audience followed suit. Marjan’s Musical Soirées is a podcast series that the couple now produces from their home in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire.

The beauty of any podcast is that it can be listened to at any time on your phone, computer, or other device, as explained by Veronica Francis of Notchnet, Inc., a Littleton-based company that records and distributes the Patria Productions podcasts.

Marjan Kiepura

The lively podcasts focus on Frederic Chopin’s life and music from 1810 to 1849. Marjan Kiepura’s famous parents, Polish tenor Jan Kiepura and Hungarian soprano Marta Eggerth, are documented in recordings and historical documents. Before fleeing Europe during the rise to power of the Nazis in 1938, the charismatic couple were superstars of their time, appearing in numerous films, operettas, and on stage in numerous operas.

Marjan Kiepura and Jane Knox-Kiepura
Marjan Kiepura and Jane Knox-Kiepura

Throughout their lengthy and distinguished careers, they were successful in reestablishing themselves for new audiences by migrating to the United States.

Meze Audio 99 Classics

Jane Knox-Kiepura

Knox-Kiepura, who is proficient in multiple languages and conducts research on all of the information presented in the programs, stated that the podcasts provide them with a great deal of flexibility. Marjan’s parents try to incorporate a multilingual approach for their international audience because they sing and make movies in six languages. Marjan’s ability to communicate in German is crucial for establishing a connection between the German-speaking artists and musicians of the pre-war era and their adopted countries, which saw many flourish in the arts, including Hollywood.

Marjan said that his mother was always on the cutting edge and captured so many generations. She continued to expand her repertoire until her death. There are so many amazing stories that need to be preserved, like his mother’s ability to perform until she was 100 thanks to vocal longevity, or taking care of her voice.


According to Kiepura, “The film and cultural world was devastated” when the Nazis came to power in the 1930s and World War II followed. Fortunately, his parents were able to adjust. They were first discovered by audiences in the United States after they always had a huge émigré audience.

During a significant show at the College of Music and Performing Expressions in Vienna, the couple went there in May 2022 to introduce a program on his folks. The artists who were victims of the rise of Nazism or who fled Europe were honored in the exhibit “Exil Arte.”

Marjan Kiepura, Pianist
Marjan Kiepura, Pianist

The music alone makes the podcasts that the two are making enjoyable, but keeping Marjan Kiepura’s parents’ legacy alive is even more important.

Piano Lessons

Over the long haul, recollections blur, made sense of Kiepura. Both of his parents began their careers on the operatic stage and went on to become movie stars in the 1930s, when the film industry was still in its infancy. His parents moved from the stage to the screen. These digital recordings stand out and that shows that individuals are keen on memorable craftsmen. The artists of that generation are not forgotten. Is it not necessary for the current generation to observe what came before them, as it is with any artistic discipline? The music, on the other hand, never changes in opera or theater productions. The virtuoso of a Mozart, Verdi, Puccini or Lehar remains.

Future Podcasts

Other musicians who Kiepura and his family are familiar with will be featured in future podcasts.

According to Veronica Francis of Notchnet, Inc., the podcasts preserve all of this significant historical information for future generations to refer to and enjoy. Marjan’s Musical Soirées are a joy to produce because they connect audiences with outstanding music and the wonderful historical, cultural, and artistic aspects that Marjan and Jane share. Particularly, the podcasts focus on the lives and careers of Marjan’s parents.

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