Dancing With The Devil: Memoirs Of A Pilot Follows The Career Of Dexter Cox

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Dexter Cox released “Dancing with the Devil,” a personal account of his experiences as a pilot spanning more than sixty years and a variety of aircraft. Cox takes readers on a number of exhilarating flights, including numerous encounters with defective equipment and engine failures, beginning with his love of airplanes.

Dexter Cox

Dexter Cox, who has been a pilot for six decades, has finished writing his new book, Dancing with the Devil: Memoirs of a Pilot; a gripping and captivating gander at the author’s life all through his years flying different sorts of airplanes, and the different episodes he’s had with hardware failures while flying.

Born in Nebraska in mid-1941, the moved with his family when he was a half year old and experienced childhood in the Rocky Mountain territories of Colorado and Wyoming. He turned into a devoted tracker and angler in his initial years, partaking in those exercises with his dad, who died in the creator’s initial teenagers.

Dancing With The Devil: Memoirs Of A Pilot Follows The Career Of Dexter Cox
Dancing with the Devil: Memoirs of a Pilot

Cox also became an avid mountain climber, once scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, and he has had a fascination with airplanes since he was a young child. He has been a highly-rated pilot for more than sixty years. During that time, he has logged thousands of hours as the pilot-in-command of well over one hundred different aircraft, including a number of jet-powered aircraft and four-engine airliner-type aircraft, as well as small single-engine aircraft. He has written a number of articles that have been published in trade magazines. He has also worked on the creation of new technical equipment and the use and certification of medical equipment that is already on aircraft. Cox as of now lives in Arizona.

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Dancing with the Devil: Memoirs of a Pilot

Cox explained that the title of this book was selected directly from a statement made to him by a representative of the FAA during an informal inquiry into why the author was involved in so many engine failures and equipment malfunction incidents. Cox had been involved in more incidents (engine failures and in-flight equipment failures) than all of the other pilots in the Rocky Mountain region combined in the preceding eight months. One of the FAA representatives stated that he was concerned for the author’s safety because he thought Cox was frequently “dancing with the devil.” He chose that phrase for the book’s title because he thought it was a unique way to describe his experiences with various failures.

Dexter Cox’s thrilling story, which was published by Page Publishing, takes readers through his childhood love of airplanes, how it started, and how it shaped his future and led him to become a pilot. As readers follow Cox through the exciting and fulfilling experiences that made his chosen profession so rewarding, each story he tells from his career will literally take readers to new heights.

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