Author Interview Eren Viau new book The Voyage Of The Demota Novia

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Author Eren Viau talks about the inspiration that became his latest book, The Voyage Of The Demota Novia, and his creative process.

Author Interview Eren Viau new book The Voyage Of The Demota Novia
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Eren Viau as regards his life and career, what inspires him to write, and the creative process behind his new book The Voyage Of the Demota Novia.

Tell me who Eren Viau are:

Author Interview Eren Viau new book The Voyage Of The Demota Novia
Eren Viau

Hello, Eren Viau (pronounced Erin View). I’m a queer and disabled writer from Rochester, New York. I’m 27 on the road and I’ve been writing off and on since I was 17. I write great and sweet novels.

When did the first want to write a book?

According to my mother, I’ve been telling stories since I was a child, but it wasn’t until middle school when my teacher sent me to a writing workshop, that I discovered my love for writing.

When did thou decide to start writing?

I was maybe 14 when I decided that novels were my passion, and when I was 17 I published my first book.

How long did it take thou to complete your first book, from initial idea to publication?

It took my entire senior year of high school and I used it as a final project and part of my resume to enter a creative writing program at a local college.

How long did it take for thy latest book to go from idea to publication?

It took almost 6 years and after the horror of my first book, I stopped writing my craft. But the idea of ​​Demot Novia’s journey stuck in my head. Eventually, I wrote it down in a notebook, and friends and my wife convinced me to finish the book and publish it.

Zoom to the latest version. What prompted thou to write The Voyage Of The Demota Novia?

I wanted to prove to myself that I can still think. I love the stories I create, as do my friends who read snippets even when I had no motivation to post them. In the end, they forced me to do it.

What were thy biggest challenges in writing The Voyage Of The Demota Novia?

The focus on ADHD and impostor syndrome has made it extremely difficult to finish writing.

Who or what instinct you to create The Protagonist?

A random image in my brain while listening to a Britney Spears song. I could only think of the figure that had transformed into Mirida, dancing on the bar table under Alluca’s amused gaze. This scene stuck in my head for months before I started writing. I have this hidden scene for future use.

Who or what inspired ye to create The Antagonist?

The antagonists were not inspired by anyone or anything in this book, they grew organically as I wrote.

Author Interview Eren Viau new book The Voyage Of The Demota Novia
The Voyage Of The Demota Novia

What is the tantalizing incident of  The Voyage Of The Demota Novia?

Arson is, without saying too much, a racist idea between two races in the world. Racism arises exclusively from envy and greed. This leads to our hero being thrown overboard by someone close to him and rescued by a notorious pirate captain.

What is the original conflict in The Voyage Of The Demota Novia?

The main conflict is generational racism, the protagonist Merida must find a way to save her loved ones, even if it goes against everything she has been taught.

Did you plan The Voyage Of The Demota Novia in advance or did you fly in your pants behind the seat and write free?

I write the basic plot, then I let things fall into place.

Did thou get help with editing and how many copies did The Voyage Of The Demota Novia?

I needed help editing, I’m dyslexic so it’s hard to spot errors. I use Grammarly and a freelance editor to help me.

What is the first piece of writing advice thou would give someone that inspired thou to write a story?

Your story is a part of you, like any other art form. Keep writing until it’s the story you want and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not good enough.

Can ye tell me what other books thou want to write?

We are working on several projects and many related stories and this may not be the last time we see the Demota team.

And finally, are ye proud of thine result? It was worth it?

I’m incredibly proud to be back in the writing and editing community after a traditional editor ruined my experience the first time.

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Currently available on Amazon and KU, The Voyage Of The Demota Novia is available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book. In November, the War of Silence will return to physical form. Readers can find me on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook at @authorerenviau. You can also find signed copies of the books at, this is my site for my small business and books.


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