How OxySorb Reduces Food Spoilage And Degradation

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OxySorb (Sorbead India) has come up with a new way to package food. The sachet is a safe way to preserve food.


According to Sorbead India, the new technology can increase a product’s shelf life by up to three times compared to existing food packaging solution options. The food industry could benefit greatly from this new technology’s potential to reduce food waste and boost profits.

How OxySorb Reduces Food Spoilage And Degradation
OxySorb – Oxygen Absorbers,” which offers the perfect solution for all packaging issues against the growth of oxygen, the proliferation of bacteria, spoilage, mold, and mildew.

OxySorb – Oxygen absorber is an innovative new product that aids in the fight against food waste and degradation. This item can possibly change the manner in which we store and save our food. The item is intended to expand the timeframe of realistic usability of food by retaining oxygen, which is one of the primary drivers of food decay. The oxygen absorber is simple to use and can be applied to a wide variety of foods, including meat, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Food Waste

One-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, according to a report from the FAO of the United Nations. This is an incredible amount of food, especially when we consider that millions of people worldwide are still hungry and undernourished. Food waste has significant effects on the environment as well as social and ethical implications. Wasted food contributes to climate change and emits greenhouse gases.

To battle this issue, OxySorb – An oxygen safeguard was created to assist in the fight against food wastage and food degradation. The product functions by absorbing oxygen from the container or packaging. Oxygen is one of the primary drivers of food corruption and waste, as it supports the development of microbes and growths. helps to extend food’s shelf life by removing oxygen, thereby reducing food waste.

Food Safety Standards

The representative of Sorbead India claims that extensive safety and efficacy tests have been conducted. The business asserts that the oxygen absorber satisfies all international food packaging safety standards and has been authorized for use by regulatory agencies in several nations.

The utilization of OxySorb – Oxygen safeguard isn’t restricted to huge food makers and wholesalers. Additionally, it is suitable for households and small businesses. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, baked goods, and other foods can all be stored in the product. Because it comes in small sachets that can be inserted into the packaging or container, the oxygen absorber is also simple to use.

The oxygen absorber has numerous advantages. We can save money and lessen our impact on the environment by reducing food spoilage and waste. By ensuring that more food reaches those in greatest need, we can also contribute to the solution to the problem of food insecurity. The significance of reducing food waste and enhancing food security will only grow as the world’s population continues to rise. the is also good for the environment because it doesn’t need any special disposal tools. According to Sorbead India, the film is also cheaper than other packaging options.

Battle Against Food Wastage

All in all, Sorbead India’s OxySorb – oxygen safeguard is a significant device in the battle against food wastage and food debasement. Its capacity to broaden the time span of usability of food by eliminating oxygen is a unique advantage for the food business. It has the potential to change the way food packaging is made, which could be good for both manufacturers and consumers. We can help address the issue of food security and reduce our impact on the environment by employing an oxygen absorber.

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