Education Technology Experts Recognized In Inspiring Women In Ed Tech By ABA Technologies

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In the “Inspiring Women in Ed Tech, 2023” issue of Aspioneer Business World Magazine, ABA Technologies, Inc., a company that specializes in behavior-based learning and development, received recognition for three of its female leaders.

Inspiring Women in Ed Tech

Education Technology Experts Recognized In Inspiring Women In Ed Tech By ABA Technologies
Inspiring Women In Ed Tech 2023

This honorary spotlight was given to Kristin Myers-Kemp (Ph.D., BCBA-D), Janet Emmendorfer (Ph.D.), and Vice-President Lisa Smith for their extensive work and contributions to the education technology sector. As they spread the science of behavior at ABA Technologies, they each share their perspectives with the magazine in this cover story on how they use the power of education technology to help improve the lives of others.


Myers-Kemp accentuates how her long stretches of showing in the e-learning space and creating on-the-web training programs have empowered her to decidedly assist with affecting more than 250,000 understudies overall to date. Without Myers-Kemp’s skillful use of internet-based tools and virtual methodologies, it would be difficult to capture this wide reach.


Emmendorfer emphasizes her use of behavioral processes and digital tools to create and design learning architecture plans that not only benefit students but also all individuals and organizations. She successfully uses virtual learning’s efficiency to create new procedures and influence positive human behavior.


In her capacity as ABA Technologies’ Vice-President of Brand Marketing, Smith explains to readers how the influence of digital design, branding, and communications goes far beyond simple creative exercises; When utilized with skill as Smith does, these technological tools unlock learning potential and have positive effects on students and all human lives, capturing a deeper strength.

ABA Technologies

Myers-Kemp, Emmendorfer, and Smith are educational technology pioneers in their respective fields thanks to their work at ABA Technologies. Even more remarkable is the overarching vision, which uses the science of behavior as its foundation to improve not only the lives of others but also market efficiency.

With more than 20 years of functional achievement, ABA Advances conveys chief web-based scholastic items while growing its scope by consolidating conduct-based learning answers for its corporate clients.

ABA Technologies stretches out appreciation to Aspioneer Business World Magazine for perceiving three of its driving ladies specialists in schooling innovation.

ABA Technologies was established in 1997 by Jose A. Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D., BCBA-D (1950-2020). Its primary focus is on providing evidence-based learning solutions and custom instructional designs to businesses of all sizes. The methodology is established in over 75 years of exploration in the study of conduct, with energy continuously moving towards the most recent in educational plan advancement. ABA Technologies is committed to customizing experiences for our clients and customers’ professional development needs and spreading the science of learning worldwide.

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