In Somewhere Else By Roxanne Ward, A Shattered Society Suffers The Aftermath Of Global Disaster

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Somewhere Else by Roxanne Ward is a story about loyalty and courage that is appropriate for all readers.

Roxanne Ward

Roxanne Ward
Roxanne Ward

Roxanne Ward was submerged in writing and science by her folks who were both school teachers. At 22, she enlisted in the Air Power and met her significant other. She worked as a language arts and science teacher after earning her master’s degree in education and raising their four children. She retired in 2019 and tutored her granddaughter during the pandemic, when her school was closed.

She has always enjoyed writing, whether in journals, plays, poems, or stories. With a rich life brimming with dynamic encounters to take advantage of, she utilizes her creative mind to investigate her general surroundings and coax out intriguing stories.

Somewhere Else

In Somewhere Else, civilizations have been submerged in darkness following a seven-day meteorite assault. Survival became the new culture months after hundreds of meteorites pounded the earth.

Somewhere Else
Somewhere Else

The once-free United States was besieged by chaos as it fought for power and resources as the dust settled. States are divided into numerous kingdoms as a result of oppressive regimes claiming large territories. A caste system with three distinct levels that are each held in place by controlling essential supplies is developed in order to establish a working society.

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Connor Wayther, the story’s protagonist, belongs to the lowest caste. He and his family live a pitiful existence under the brutal rule of law. A genetic experiment on his grandfather, Deegan Chance, resulted in his extraordinary intellect. Not even his folks know about his gifts or his shaky future.

His grandfather starts secretly training his grandson so that when the time comes, he can share his secrets with the rebellion. But when Deegan dies too soon, his education is cut short. Connor is now on his own and must unravel the enigmatic clues and determine his destiny. His parents begin keeping their own secrets and making irrational choices shortly after his grandfather’s death. He feels like his mysterious purpose is disappearing, and his life is in serious danger. Now, every step is more difficult.

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