It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Potato Man! The Popular Card Game Returns With New Artwork And A New Publisher

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Starting in the spring, Mind’s Vision will bring international tabletop games and graphic novels like Potato Man and The Legacy of Cthulhu to the North American market.

Potato Man

Potato Man, the cult trick-taking card game created by Günter Burkhardt and Wolfgang A. Lehmann in Germany, is coming back to the North American market in May. The game’s updated graphics were created by Guilherme Cavalcante for Geeks N’ Orcs, the Brazilian studio that owns the international rights to the game.

Potato Man
Potato Man

Renato Simes, the founder of Geeks N’ Orcs, explained that Potato Man was first released in 2013 by German publisher Zo He bought the English-language version and loved it, so he contacted the authors to get the rights to the book in other countries. The game quickly became one of their best-sellers after they reworked the visuals for the Brazilian release to be more cheerful and colorful. More importantly, they realized that roughly 35% of our initial print run was sold on the grey market in other countries. As a result, they have been seeking partners to formalize the agreement in numerous regions.

Mind’s Vision

Mind’s Vision first appeared at that time. The new Brazilian expat label Otavio and Renata Lessa, based in the United States, was looking for its first releases when they got excited about the idea of starting with such a fun and well-known product. It was obvious, as explained by Mind’s Vision President and Co-Founder Otavio Lessa. Potato Man not only fulfills their primary objective of bringing more international authors and designers to the North American market, but it also satisfies their need for a game that was immediately recognizable by the tabletop game community.

Mind’s Vision Publisher and Co-Founder Renata Lessa stated that they began evaluating titles to launch our product line. They looked at tabletop products in three categories: Card games, board games, and RPGs. We moved quickly through the first two categories to fill our 2023 calendar, but we couldn’t find a card game that really spoke to us for our catalog. At the point when they found the chance of working with Potato Man, they energetically seized the chance right away.

The company’s two founders have twenty years of publishing, marketing, localization, and customer support experience between them. They have resources with experience working with major entertainment brands like Blizzard, Amazon, Krafton, NetEase, Image Comics, IDW, and Wizards of the Coast. They also have a team of collaborators and creators from four continents.


Additionally, Mind’s Vision recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for 101 Games’ The Legacy of Cthulhu, their first tabletop role-playing game. Within its first hour, the campaign raised funds and met all of its initial stretch goals in less than 24 hours. The game, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by Cthulhu and other creatures from H.P. Lovecraft’s lore, will keep its crowdfunding campaign open until April 28, 2023, with a delivery date set for later this year.

In addition, the label is preparing announcements for its first major board game and graphic novel, as well as a series of 5E-compatible RPG adventures and game aids. Otavio gave the hints that they have signed more than twenty titles, some of which are international crowdfunding successes and passion projects from award-winning authors, including nominees for Eisner Awards.

The first print run of Potato Man will randomly include a limited-edition foil card featuring the title character as a gift to commemorate its release.

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