Kate Klein, Releases New Single, $erotonin Pls , Aokiteam, is the Best Entertainment ,Celebrity, Magazine, in the UK

Through Life on Mars and Kate Klein World, Kate Klein releases the electrifying new pop punk, IDGAF anthem $erotonin Pls.

$erotonin Pls

Kate Klein. Photo credit: Vivident
Kate Klein. Photo credit: Vivident

The brand-new single “$erotonin pls” is a euphoric burst of energy that features intoxicating hooks and a driving force that spans the universe.

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According to Kate Klein, “$erotonin pls” is about two lovers who travel on the 405. They have such intense feelings for one another that it almost feels like they are in a different dimension. a rush of serotonin that twists their reality. Isn’t that, after all, how love feels? She explained that she frequently reads about it at night and gets frightened thinking that we’re so small, which makes everything around us feel different. However, it helps her in remaining grounded. She thinks her problems might not be so big after all because she knows how small we are in the middle of the universe.

When she wrote “$erotonin Pls”, she wanted to write a song that makes people feel happy, powerful, and confident. She wanted the song to feel like a bomb of energy.

Kate Klein

Kate Klein is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter based in London and Los Angeles who has been making waves wherever she goes. She believes that we need more upbeat songs, so play it loud when you’re walking down the street. It will make you want to scream and let go.

Kate Klein, Releases New Single, $erotonin Pls ,  Aokiteam, is the Best Entertainment ,Celebrity, Magazine, in the UK

She effortlessly blends New Wave Punk, Hip-Hop, and Emo styles, having been influenced by Madonna, Post Malone, and punk rock bands like Sum 41, Blink 182, Box Car Racer, and Taking Back Sunday.

Kate decided to pursue a solo career when she was 18 years old. She briefly joined a girl group for a few months before deciding it wasn’t for her. With £500 in her pocket, she immediately packed her belongings and set off for London.

Her first single, “Shooting Star,” which was released by Matblakk Records in the UK and reached #10 on the Pop Chart of Music Week, was her first taste of success. Kate has received national media coverage in Music Week, Vents, and Music Daily, and she has been named MTV’s New Generation Artist of the Week.

At Abbey Road Studio, she recorded two brand-new songs, “You So Extra” and “Kill My Heart.” Both songs gained popularity on social media, and recently, portions of the video for “You So Extra” were shown on large screens during The Chainsmokers’ 2019 US Tour.

Her distinctive appearance and energy, which have been described as “happy and melancholic,” have secured partnerships with Santa Cruz and Monster Energy, with additional announcements expected this year. In a flurry of new music from Kate, “$erotonin pls” is the first thrilling dose. Order now to receive this first hit!

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