Learn How Multi-Channel Audio Strategy Is Essential For Marketing Aokiteam, is the Best Entertainment ,Celebrity, Magazine, in the UK

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Learn How Multi-Channel Audio Strategy Is Essential For Marketing Forever Audio share how multi-channel audio strategy is essential for your company’s marketing.

Multi-Channel Audio Strategy

According to a study conducted by Sentient Decision Science, a person’s desire to engage with or avoid a brand can be influenced by sound by 86%.

Learn How Multi-Channel Audio Strategy Is Essential For Marketing Aokiteam, is the Best Entertainment ,Celebrity, Magazine, in the UK
Forever Audio

According to the most recent RAJAR figures, commercial radio in the United Kingdom has reached its highest ever listening figure, with 38.1 million listeners, indicating that audio is now more popular than ever worldwide.

The world of Audio Strategy is now broader and more complicated than ever before thanks to the ever-increasing variety of podcasts and streaming platforms.

According to Paul Golliker, founder and director of Forever Audio, which was previously known as Red Apple Creative and SNK Studios, radio generates an average return on investment of £7.70 GBP for every £1 GBP invested. You can really start to see the power of audio advertising when you add streaming platforms like Spotify, which have 489 million users worldwide, and the podcast industry, which provides unrivaled brand trust and boasts that 95% of listeners have taken action as a result of hearing podcast advertising.

Marketing Strategy

It is evident that audio should be included in your company’s marketing Audio Strategy; however, how do you even begin to navigate these various channels and devices and tailor your message to best reach your audience?

Local radio and digital audio campaigns can be invested in by very small businesses to increase sales and brand recognition. Brands and agencies frequently rely on the expertise of specialists to optimize their audio strategy when the goal of the advertising shifts to increasing awareness and sales on a regional, national, or international scale.

Find Your Audience and Audio Strategy

Forever Audio are pioneers in their field and multi-award-winning audio specialists with a global reputation. Spotify, Audible, Mitsubishi, Acast, and WhatsApp are among their customers, and they are in their 18th year with offices in London and the United States. Their team of creatives specializes in long-form content and short-form advertising. Forever Audio collaborates with agencies and brands directly on global campaigns in multiple languages as Spotify’s preferred creative partner. Over their nearly two decades of expertise in the field, they have witnessed a steady rise in audio, which has excited them.

Kathleen Moroney, Executive Creative Director of Forever Audio Strategy, discussed the advantages of utilizing the expertise of specialist audio agencies, stating that they live and breathe audio and that it is their responsibility to determine where a company’s audience is located and then how to connect with them in the most effective manner. On broadcast radio, a brand could once run a 30-second spot.

Be that as it may, as the sound crowd blasts across all channels, the discussion has moved to how to make your multi-channel sound system. They will analyze the media buy from an objective point of view for the entire audio industry and develop creative campaigns that are optimized for each platform and device. They can create your podcast, unique sonic identity, and audio brand guidelines.

She went on to explain that, from a brand’s perspective, working with a specialist makes every dollar spent on marketing work harder, and having a single point of contact lets you make sure your audio ecosystem and assets are consistent, which is the most important thing for branding and recall.

Paul Golliker added that no other business in the world currently offers as many audio services under one roof as they do. They are one-of-a-kind, and studios there regularly record voiceovers for animated series and feature films. After that, they will mix TV commercials, audio dramas, audiobooks, and podcasts, as well as custom sound design. They have writing teams that are experts in audio short form commercials and long form content.

These teams create brands’ sonic identities. Additionally, they have a digital team whose sole focus is on interactive digital experiences for audio platforms and media planning and buying across all audio platforms. The purpose of Forever Audio is to provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of all of these amazing offerings by bringing them together.

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Forever Audio

With offices in London and New York, Forever Audio is an award-winning audio post production company.

On March 6, 2023, they rebranded as FOREVER AUDIO, formerly SNK STUDIOS and RED APPLE CREATIVE.

For the major streaming platforms and Hollywood film studios, Forever Audio has been given permission to handle sensitive international “pre-release” film and television content. They have recorded dialogue for shows like The Crown and Bridgerton, both on Netflix, and Ghosts, both on the BBC. They also worked on Dune, which won an Oscar in the ‘Achievement in Sound’ category, and The Menu, which is currently up for two Golden Globe awards.

In addition, they are well-known for providing voice casting, voiceover recording, sound design, and mixing for television and online campaigns for companies as diverse as Range Rover and Sky to Amazon and Adobe. Their London facility has 11 studios, three ADR stages, a Dolby Atmos suite, and a welcoming reception area. It is on Tottenham Court Road. With in-house bespoke composition, an internal library music catalogue, and sync licensing services, their music services meet all requirements.

A creative team at Forever Audio specializes in long-form content and short-form advertising. They work on global campaigns in multiple languages, collaborate with agencies, and directly with brands, making them Spotify’s preferred creative partner. They recently completed a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Audible, transforming six books based on the Netflix series Hilda into fully immersive audio scripts and productions starring an ensemble cast.

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