New Album From Mr Streetz Offers Listeners Realistic Glimpses Into The Gangster Life

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The most recent album by London-born rapper Mr Streetz depicts the realities and intricacies of the gangster life that is frequently idolized in hip-hop and rap.

The Gangster Life

Hip-hop and rap music have always heavily emphasized the gangster lifestyle. In order to captivate listeners, legendary artists like Tupac Shakur dedicated entire albums to displaying their gangster personas. Different artists would likewise go with the same pattern, like The Game and 50 Cent. Gangster rap is a subgenre of hip-hop that has emerged as a result of the topic’s widespread popularity.

New Album From Mr Streetz Offers Listeners Realistic Glimpses Into The Gangster Life
Mr Streetz

Rap hasn’t always been as popular in the UK, which is unfortunate. Although the public’s perception of hip-hop in the UK began to shift in the late 1990s and early 2000s, UK hip-hop did not have a breakthrough until the 2010s, when new rap superstars like Dave, Stormzy, and Headie One, among others, emerged.

Mr Streetz

Mr. Streetz is an East London-based rapper. He started rapping when he was 14 years old, but he didn’t know how to make music. He was left with a rhyme book as a result. Mr. Streetz received a lot of attention for his debut album, Flowtime, which helped him get over a million views on YouTube. He attributes his inspirations to Eminem, Tupac Shakur, and Dave.

Wins & Bosses, Mr. Streetz’s eleven-track album, is a love letter to the hip-hop he listened to as a child, with a strong emphasis on the gangster lifestyle. However, the album does not portray the lifestyle in a romantic light. All things considered, Mr Streetz needed to feature the entanglements of carrying on with such a daily existence.

Mr. Streetz wanted to make a cohesive album about the gangster lifestyle that many people admire. However, he wanted to demonstrate that the lifestyle isn’t all that it seems. In addition, he wanted to emphasize the risks associated with this way of life, many of which can result in death. He recorded in his home studio with instrumentals from 50 Cent’s early music. Mr. Streetz wants this album to accurately portray gangster rap in a dark way. It follows a comparable tone as his most recent single, Hood Therapy.

Additionally, Mr. Streetz is working on his forthcoming EP, Evolution. He also hopes to perform live and release two more albums this year. The following information can be used by those who are interested in his music.

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