Kids Get Personalized Reading Recommendations From The New Readrly App

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The individualized storybook in the Readrly app caters to the interests of each child and encourages young minds to read, learn, and have fun.


Kids Get Personalized Reading Recommendations From The New Readrly App

Readrly has launched an app that offers innovative, personalized, and custom-made storybooks for children ages 0 to 9 with exciting features to get kids reading, having fun, and learning in order to inspire a new generation of book lovers and address declining reading rates.

the created unique, one-of-a-kind stories and personalized recommendations by employing cutting-edge machine learning methods. The child’s name, favorite places, and other details are also included in the customization.

The app also has a growing selection of tales from around the world. Based on a child’s reading preferences, its advanced machine learning makes customized recommendations. Children can learn to read with the help of the app’s offline reading, multi-voice selection, and comprehension questions. New stories are added to the application consistently, guaranteeing that there is generally age-fitting substance for youngsters to find.

Kids can learn new words while reading with the app’s voice selection and word highlighting features. The app also has questions to see how well a child understands the stories and a leaderboard for parents to see how their kids are doing.

Unique Stories For Each Child

Because the app makes use of machine learning, the stories that are generated are specific to each child, making sure that no two books are identical.

According to Wole Fagbohun, Readrly’s founder and chief executive officer, the company’s goal is to encourage children to read by providing them with individualized storybooks that place them at the center of their favorite stories.

Wole, who is the father of two daughters and has more than ten years of experience in the technology industry as well as seven years in the ed-tech industry, stated that the reason he founded Readrly was to assist his children in developing their reading skills and to pique their imaginations with engaging tales. He knew that artificial intelligence could change the way we make stories and enjoy them.

Through the personalized message page, parents or guardians can make an emotional connection with their children. This connection is priceless. Fagbohun’s custom-made storybooks enhance the bonding experience that reading with a child brings about.

About Readrly


 we believe that a powerful story is the only thing. Stories shape how we learn, challenge and reinforce our qualities. At the point when a story grabs our eye and draws in us, we are bound to retain the message and significance inside it. was developed as a result of this. We at Readrly use cutting-edge technology to create stories that will stay with readers and inspire young minds.

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Visit the Readrly website at for more information. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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