Smart Motorized Blinds From BEASEN's Are A Smart Solution for Stylish Homes

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The BEASEN Smart Motorized Blinds and Shades are the most recent offering from the innovative home solutions company BEASEN.

BEASEN Smart Motorized Blinds

The contemporary window treatment from BEASEN has a wireless design that eliminates cords and wires, giving contemporary homes a clean and minimalist appearance. The shades can be operated by voice, phone, or with a remote, making it simpler for homeowners to control the lighting in their entire house from a single device. The BEASEN Smart Motorized Blinds and Shades are a practical option for cost-conscious homeowners because recent studies from the NYT have demonstrated that using intelligent blinds and shades can help reduce energy bills by up to 20%.


BEASEN was established in 2010 with the goal of eliminating cords and wires from window treatments, thereby reducing the likelihood of tripping and becoming entangled. Because they are cordless, the company’s smart blinds and shades are also safer than traditional blinds because they provide more privacy and protection. They offer a scope of useful plans, styles, and materials that can be redone to suit the requirements and inside stylistic layout of homes.


The motorized blinds and shades also come with a schedule automation feature that lets homeowners set routines to automatically raise or lower the shades on a daily or weekly basis. By giving the impression that someone is home even when the homeowners are away, this feature increases home security. Homeowners can open and close their motorized blinds with their voices thanks to voice commands, which offer convenience. The shades can be associated with SIRI, Google Colleague, or Amazon Alexa for sans hands activity.

The goal is to develop curtain solutions that have a positive impact on both people and places. Smart blinds and shades are available in a wide range of functional designs, styles, and materials to meet the needs of homeowners and their interior decor while also improving the home’s aesthetic appeal and saving money, time, and energy.

A rechargeable solar panel and other adaptable power options are available for added convenience. Rechargeable batteries power the motorized blinds, which can last up to six months after only six hours of charging. It is possible to connect USB charging to a power bank or wall outlet. The shade will use the sun’s energy throughout the day by connecting the battery to a solar panel, providing a home with a sustainable energy option.

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The Smart Motorized Blinds and Shades from BEASEN are made to make life easier and to make homes look better, function better, and use less energy. The item can be purchased from the BEASEN website.


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