Real-World Metaverse Software For Architects Now Available From TwinUp

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TwinUp™, a brand-new software application made just for architects, has officially launched.


The brand-new software application TwinUp™, which was developed with the architectural community in mind, has officially launched. Situated in Frisco, Texas TwinUp is established and created by a group of draftsmen, business visionaries, and simulated intelligence specialists. TwinUp provides architects a single platform for developing, managing, optimizing, and displaying their project images and 3D design models.

With TwinUp, architects can showcase their work to the world and design better buildings with greater efficiency. The stage is controlled by a man-made intelligence-driven individual right hand — ‘Curve e™’ — who processes immense measures of information and continues to change the planning cycle from start to finish, assisting engineers with accomplishing more significantly quicker and with less exertion.

TwinUp - Engaging the design community
TwinUp – Engaging the design community

There are three apps in the TwinUp software suite that work together seamlessly: TwinUp World, TwinUp Community, and TwinUp Building.

TwinUp Community™

TwinUp Community™ is a free social media and virtual design portfolio platform exclusively for architects. Images and videos of their design projects can be uploaded, enhanced, organized, and shared with private groups or the wider architectural community at any time. Professional users can gain access to the TwinUp 3D Metaverse™, which includes TwinUp BuildingTM and TwinUp WorldTM, by upgrading to TwinUp Pro for $19 per month (early bird pricing).

TwinUp Building™

Architects can use TwinUp Building™, a 3D Digital Twin maker app, to convert their 3D models (BIM, et. al.) into models of Digital Twins. Users can render, enrich, analyze, optimize, present, and share their Digital Twin models with peers and clients thanks to TwinUp Building’s powerful visualization features and simulation capabilities.

Real-World Metaverse Software For Architects Now Available From TwinUp
Twinup is a design portfolio management, collaboration, and presentation platform made by architects, for architects

TwinUp World™

Users can place their 3D project models for analysis, enhancement, rendering, and presentation in their proper local site context using TwinUp World™, a 3D virtual Digital Twin model of the earth. TwinUp World was created by Dr. Prasanta Bose, previously the Principal Scientist at Lockheed Martin and the Director of Data Science at Starbucks. It features simulation features, rendering tools, advanced navigation tools, data layers, and multi-party collaboration interfaces. Advanced ML-based design simulation capabilities, ranging from straightforward daylight studies to more intricate carbon emissions simulations for single and multiple buildings, are added by plug-in modules available in the App Store.

TwinUp People

TwinUp People group is scheduled to send off early this mid-year (2023), and TwinUp World is supposed to send off later this fall (2023). Architects in practice are currently eligible to apply for the TwinUp Beta Program.

Real-World Metaverse Software For Architects Now Available From TwinUp
Import and convert your 3D project models to make 3D digital twin models for exploration and analysis

Architects interested in participating in the TwinUp Beta Program are encouraged to attend the upcoming webinar on April 21 for additional details. To sign up, go to this link.

TwinUp Boss

TwinUp Boss Development OfficialDevelopment Official and prime supporter Michael Jansen said that engineers are the most regular manufacturers and clients of the Metaverse on the planet, and in this way, we chose the world’s modelers to be our most memorable clients. We will grow to include engineers, interior designers, planners, property managers, REITs, infrastructure operators, facilities managers, and more in the TwinUp Community as we develop.

Dr. Prasanta Bose, CTO, and co-founder explained that the TwinUp platform features a domain-specific and personalized co-pilot called Archie. Powered by AI and ML, Archer enables architects to use data more creatively and effectively than ever before to achieve very specific design objectives.

Real-World Metaverse Software For Architects Now Available From TwinUp
Import, place & add data to your 3D project models in virtual cities and invite team members to collaborate in real-time

Jon David “JC” Cunningham, COO-CFO and co-founder said that they are excited and proud to offer a first-of-its-kind unified collaborative design platform to the architectural community that architects everywhere can use throughout their entire careers, from student days onwards.

About TwinUP

TwinUp is a Metaverse software application specifically made for architects. The platform makes it possible for architects to create, manage, optimize, and present their 2D project images and 3D design models from a single location. TwinUp is a personal assistant driven by artificial intelligence that helps architects showcase their work to the world and design better buildings more effectively.

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