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Utilizing Pinterest marketing can give organizations a significant advantage to find their ideal client through AI learning and customized product recommendations.

Pinterest Marketing Solution

Jacqueline Ball, prime supporter and advanced tactician for Sozoe Inventive, enjoys found colossal benefits to business showcasing by utilizing Pinterest. She and her team assist businesses in building their online advertising portfolios, optimizing campaigns, designing creatives, and preparing them for important dates or holidays.

Jacqueline Ball, co-founder and digital strategist for Sozoe Creative
Jacqueline Ball, co-founder and digital strategist for Sozoe Creative

Sozoe Creative’s Pinterest Marketing Solution is no exception to the company’s general business model, which is highly customized to meet the requirements of its customers. and Ball says that they spend a lot of time learning about our client’s business model. We learn a lot about the supply chain, COGS, margins, and overhead, as well as how they work together. What is the return on advertising investment for each product and category? They really know how to run their business. It’s almost like consulting for businesses. Because our solutions are custom-tailored, they retain customers at an extremely high rate.

Sozoe Creative

Social media marketing was just getting started when Sozoe Creative started out eight years ago. Jacqueline and her group set off on a mission to dominate it, making a specialty in Pinterest showcasing. Jacqueline explained that Pinterest was viewed as a platform for women planning weddings. That’s how it started, but it’s changed a lot. With a generally low promotion cost and a rapidly developing segment including now including men, Pinterest is turning into an un-insignificant answer for organizations hoping to acquire monstrous gets back from their advertisements.

With a high-quality product that appeals to the target audience, they consistently achieve returns on ad spend on Pinterest between 600 and 700 percent for e-commerce clients.

Jacqueline and her team collaborate effectively, placing collaboration first and developing a well-balanced group of thinkers. Their collaboration with the app “Honey,” a money-saving extension that was acquired by Paypal in 2020, was one of their most successful Pinterest collaborations. During online shopping, their app can search the internet for coupons and discounts. It was a successful campaign, and Jaqueline and her team helped them evaluate their app install conversion rate by analyzing the role of attribution.

Pinterest Increases Traffic

Jacqueline explains that there are a number of benefits to using Pinterest to increase online traffic for businesses. It combines the advantages of both: you can target watchword searches and interests. When compared to Google, retailers can anticipate less competition on Pinterest; there is more room for natural traffic. Utilizing your service can ultimately be used to create content and promote blogs on Pinterest.

Pinterest might be just what your company needs to increase online traffic to new heights.

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