Techina Jacques Launched Biz BuildHers To Help Women-Owned Businesses Thrive

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Biz BuildHers, a new company run by women, goes live to support and empower women-owned businesses all over the world.

Biz BuildHers

Techina Jacques, a visionary and passionate entrepreneur, has established Biz BuildHers, a consulting firm that aims to assist women entrepreneurs in starting their businesses less overwhelmingly and more effectively. Biz BuildHers provides women-owned businesses with the support they need to succeed with a comprehensive range of services, including virtual assistance, website design, and business coaching.

Techina Jacques Launched Biz BuildHers To Help Women-Owned Businesses Thrive
Techina Jacques

Forbes reports that 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States generate $1.8 trillion in revenue as of 2018. Every day in 2021, 1,821 net new businesses were started by women. Notwithstanding these noteworthy numbers, ladies’ business visionaries face various boundaries, including an absence of assets and backing. Jacques established Biz BuildHers to assist these women in overcoming these challenges and achieving their objectives.

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Techina Jacques

Jacques spent a lot of time and money on courses, webinars, and online research when she first started her business. This caused information overload and analysis paralysis. Now, she wants to assist women in avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes. With this, female entrepreneurs can zero in on their zone of genius while passing on the rest to Biz BuildHers.

The professionals at Biz BuildHers are seasoned professionals who are aware of the difficulties associated with starting and running a business. Because they are aware that business is not one-size-fits-all, they offer tailored solutions that take into account the particular requirements of each client.

Women entrepreneurs

Jacques explained that women have been exposed to unfair bias in business for a long time. By not only starting and growing their businesses but also by making plans for the future to ensure the company’s sustainability, they are assisting women in breaking the glass ceiling and achieving their objectives.

Jacques invites all women entrepreneurs, new and old, to join the community of women changing the business world. Biz BuildHers has something for people who are just starting or want to take their business to the next level.

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