The Dark Art Of Selling Is Full Of Dirty Secrets

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How to Focus author William Goldstein provides an in-depth look at the shady strategies and tactics employed by the best salespeople: The Dark Art of Selling.


People often think of salespeople as slimeballs in used car lots. In any case, there is an explanation that deals experts utilize the strategies that they do. At least for the short term, these carefully guarded strategies for getting people to want to buy are effective. There is human psychology at work.

The Dark Art of Selling
The Dark Art of Selling

Naturally, a one-time sale is never the goal; the best salespeople focus on repeatedly appealing to the customer’s needs and desires rather than focusing on their own immediate satisfaction.

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The Dark Art of Selling

There are tried-and-true methods that work, but they are rarely made public. The Dark Art of Selling: Influence and Persuasion by William Goldstein,  sheds light on the means by which people lose the money they’ve worked so hard to earn. He walks you through common motivations and shows you exactly how to make use of those desires for your own benefit. Do you feel shady and underhanded? It’s not. If you want to be successful over the long term, you have to fulfill your promises and meet your customers’ expectations.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to convince people to buy and get them to buy again from this book. Other sales blueprints emphasize controlling the conversation and teach standard scripts. However, these methods of pressure do not work in the real world. The more subtle factors that influence a person’s decision to say yes are the focus of The Dark Art of Selling. It’s not about manipulating the person; rather, it’s about making the situation favorable for both parties.


William Goldstein
William Goldstein

The ideal scenario for a sale would be one in which all parties involved win. However, how will we get there? We should listen, according to William Goldstein. But not just in response to what the other person says. Also important is what they do not say. If you do that, you can learn a lot of what you need to know to close the sale.

According to Goldstein, you won’t be able to persuade anyone to do anything, but you can persuade them to do what they want. He is merely demonstrating to you precisely how to do that.

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William Goldstein

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