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IBA Group IT Company retail automation specialists shared the most common merchandising errors in 2023.


Consistently, organizations think of new promoting stunts to strike the consideration of purchasers. However, basic merchandising guidelines may be overlooked in the pursuit of exciting endeavors. IBA Group IT Company retail automation specialists shared the most common merchandising errors in 2023.

Goods Checker
Goods Checker

According to a PwC survey, 24% of those surveyed intend to reduce their grocery spending. There will be fewer impulsive purchases as a result of a more careful selection of goods as a result of this. Consequently, European FMCG manufacturers must exercise greater caution when merchandising.

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Merchandising Mistakes

The most common mistakes in merchandising include a discrepancy between the actual display and the planogram, a lack of goods on the shelf while the price tags are placed, price tags that are mixed up, and a lack of POS materials next to the goods. They cause dissatisfaction among customers, which results in a drop in sales.

Customary strategies for promoting execution and management are still being used. Merchandisers manually check the availability and accuracy of price tags or compare the layout to the planogram. However, FMCG manufacturers should consider utilizing specialized IT solutions that automate and optimize merchandising processes in order to deal with errors more effectively.

IBA Gathering specialists made sense of that industry-explicit programming will assist with decreasing human blunder, accelerate the review of the power source and upgrade management over the presentation of merchandisers.

Goods Checker
Goods Checker

Goods Checker

On the European market, one of these solutions is Goods Checker. It automates the processes of merchandising. Identifying out-of-stock items or comparing a layout to a planogram are two examples. When a merchandiser snaps a picture of the shelf, Goods Checker instantly displays a marked-up image with both correctly and incorrectly placed items, as well as missing items.

The Goods Checker solution also generates comprehensive analytics broken down by brands, employees, and outlets. The data are accurate and current because they are processed in real time. The manager now has a solid foundation on which to base their decisions.

Experts from the IBA Group came to the conclusion that manufacturers are already working toward automating the manual monitoring of planogram compliance. They are able to identify bottlenecks, acquire more high-quality data, acquire comprehensive information about competitors and customers, and, as a result, increase sales thanks to the automation of merchandising and other processes.

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