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The Touchwood Chronicles (Book 1) The Sun & the Moon -Corinne Thistlewood, The Aoik team “the best entertainment celebrity magazine in the UK“,  talks about his writing career and the inspiration behind The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & The Moon.

the best entertainment celebrity magazine in the UK

Written by JJ Barnes

I spoke with Corin Thistlewood, author of The Touchwood Chronicles:

About The Touchwood Chronicles (Book 1) The Sun & the Moon, about his life and career, what inspired him to start writing, and the story behind his book.

Give me a few details about yourself.

I was an electrical engineer by training, and I was also very interested in the most recent physics research. However, I also have a very spiritual side, and I became very involved in the new age movement. I included this information in my books because I later discovered that quantum mysticism encompassed all of these beliefs. I still follow my druidic path and go to solstice ceremonies at local megaliths. I like to go for long walks at the beaches and forest nearby.

When was the first time you WANTED to write a book like The Touchwood Chronicles?

I was in Australia at the time, which was quite a while ago. Numerous individuals inquired whether I had written down some of the exercises and rituals I was teaching during the courses I was teaching on Celtic shamanism. I decided to rectify the situation by publishing a brief guide titled “Introduction to Celtic Shamanism.” They sold well at all of the mind, body, and spirit fairs I attended, despite the fact that it was only a small run of 100 copies by a local printer.

I decided to create a monthly correspondence course as a result of this. for a year, one each month. In the end, I had about 80 apprentices taking the course together. I produced a subsequent, more advanced second year. I had always intended to write a book about all of this, but I never seemed to have the time. Many people suggested that I do so.

When did you decide to begin writing?

It was during the initial UK lockdown. At that point, it appeared that all of my other work was done, so I had room to start writing down my experiences.

From the initial concept to its release, how long did it take you to complete your first book?The Touchwood Chronicles (Book 1) The Sun & the Moon -Corinne Thistlewood the best entertainment celebrity magazine in the UK

As previously stated, I had the idea some time ago. However, I spent about a year writing and proofreading this book from the beginning. The publishers then took about four months to release the first copy.

Why did you decide to write The Sun & The Moon, Book 1 of The Touchwood Chronicles?

My inspiration came from James Redfield’s: Prophecy of Celestine. Writing an adventure story based on ancient wisdom seemed like a good way to show how to apply it to everyday life. The Native Celtic point of view, as well as the frequently “secretive” and “hidden” powers, philosophies, and magic of my home country, piqued my interest. The adventure story became increasingly personal as I wrote more. Quantum mysticism, on the other hand, appeals to the modern mind and explains magic and mysticism in a scientific way, so it was important to me to include it in the mix.

What were your biggest challenges writing The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon?

The biggest challenge for me was “why” ‘The Touchwood Chronicles’ book became autobiographical. I didn’t want to involve my immediate family and loved ones. So I had to find a way to leave her. The second biggest challenge was putting everything in one book.

Who or what inspired you to create The Protagonist?

The narrator is a future self named Touchwood, who is an older version of myself who feels compelled to confess his Wiccan and magical past. Since it is mostly autobiographical, the main character is the author.

Who or what inspired you to create The Antagonist?

The main antagonists in my stories are the global elites and corporations that are destroying our planet in the name of profit and greed. Spoiler alert: But there are other antagonists in the second, and the third book.

What is the arson incident in The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon?

First, the protagonist meets a mysterious Scottish fisherman who shows him alternative ways of life and worldviews.

What is the main conflict in The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Moon?

The book documents the protagonist’s struggle to find his original spiritual path in a world that has allowed the “Church” to destroy almost all traces of it. You Sworn The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & Fly the moon from above or under your pants and write freely?The Touchwood Chronicles (Book 1) The Sun & the Moon -Corinne Thistlewood the best entertainment celebrity magazine in the UK

I have written freely from my “fly by the pants” experiences. The book tells about my adventures. Then I did a lot of research on Hugh, checking scientific information and place names, etc. You can also use this to determine the correct times.

When editing The Touchwood Chronicles Book 1 – The Sun & do you need the moon, Publishing Push LTD was very helpful in preparing my book for publication:

What is the first piece of writing advice you would give someone that inspired you to write a story?

Don’t do it again. Never look at a blank page for inspiration.Carry a notebook with you and write down the things that inspire you, you can finally have a basis for a book.

Can you tell me what other books you want to write?

As I said, one of the biggest challenges was getting everything into one book. I realized I couldn’t. So the second book in the Touchwood Chronicles series is already written and I’m very busy with the third and final book.
And finally:

Are you proud of your success? It was worth it?

I felt I had written a book that I would like to read. I’ve never seen anything like this, so I’m very happy with the result. And yes, it was worth it.

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