The UK's Safest And Most Dangerous Accident Hotspots Displayed On Interactive Road Safety Map Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

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The UK’s Safest And Most Dangerous Accident Hotspots Displayed On Interactive Road Safety Map, Discover the UK’s accident hotspots on interactive road safety map, Collisionmap.


Collisionmap, a free interactive The UK’s Safest mapping tool developed by transport data and mapping company Buchanan Computing, analyzed the most recent Department for Transport collision data statistics to reveal the UK’s worst traffic accident hotspots and safest roads to live on. By allowing anyone to search for accident rates in their postcode area, the tool is intended to increase road safety throughout The UK’s Safest.

According to the most recent statistics, London was closely followed by the South East of England in terms of the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) in traffic collisions in 2021. The North East of England had the safest roads, with approximately 4.5 times fewer KSIs recorded there.The UK's Safest And Most Dangerous Accident Hotspots Displayed On Interactive Road Safety Map Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

Even though there have been more accidents and deaths in all regions, the rate of year-over-year growth has been significantly different from region to region, creating a different picture. Scotland moved up to the top spot with the smallest percentage increase, while Yorkshire and the Humber region performed the worst.

When the accident data are viewed as a percentage of the population for each region, the picture shifts once more. It has been demonstrated that London has the highest rate, with 2997 deaths per million people, while Scotland has the lowest rate, with 939 deaths per million people, which is just over three times lower. However, when it comes to fatalities, London has a rate of 8 per million people, which is approximately three times lower than Scotland’s rate of 25.

Interactive The UK’s Safest

A one-of-a-kind mapping device that makes use of the most recent DfT collision data from 2021 to:


  • Compare the region, council area, and postcode to determine which roads are the safest and most dangerous for you to drive on.
  • It is the only interactive map that lets you search by postcode to see the percentage change in road accidents from one year to the next • It is also the only one that can adjust for population density • It can find accident hotspots by using heatmaps in specific postcodes and lets users see visualisations down to specific roads and exactly where accidents happened.

Buchanan Computing

Buchanan Computing CEO Alex Smith said that CollisionMap is a free and useful tool we created to increase The UK’s Safest in the UK. Anyone can use it to track accident rates in their postcode area and compare them to the national average. Several local governments across the country already use it to share road safety and accident hotspots locally. Because CollisionMap is so detailed, it will also show you exactly which roads were involved in accidents. It is also unique in that it adjusts the collision data based on population density, allowing users to more accurately compare their own location to other locations or the national picture.

The UK’s Safest Road Traffic Accidents

According to the CollisionMap data, the national picture for traffic collisions is worse than it was in 2020, with a 10.8 percent increase in the number of collisions and an average 11.2 percent increase in fatalities. As a result of the removal of lockdown measures that were in place for a significant portion of 2020, this is in part connected to the rise in traffic in 2021.

However, despite the overall increase in 2021, the numbers are still below those of 2019 and are not as high as we would have anticipated after such a sharp fall in 2020. However, we must keep in mind that the number of trips has not returned to the same level as in 2019.

Unfortunately, the number of people killed and seriously injured in traffic collisions increased by 16.15 percent on average, which means that there were 19,741 KSI collisions nationwide in 2020 and 22,755 in 2021.

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