Through Blaze Designs, Natalie J. Parker Explores Her Creativity., Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

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Through Blaze Designs, Natalie J. Parker Explores Her Creativity., Owner of Blaze Designs, Natalie J. Parker, has been profiled in Marquis Who’s Who.

Natalie J. Parker

Marquis Who’s Who has included Natalie J. Parker. The individuals profiled in each Marquis Who’s Who biographical volume are chosen based on their current reference value. During the selection process, factors like position, notable accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into consideration.

As the owner of Blaze Designs, Natalie J. Parker has established a respectable career as a renowned graphic artist and designer.

Ms. Parker recalls how an art teacher showed her a “Doctor Who” episode in middle school, in which the Doctor traveled back in time to save Vincent Van Gogh from a horde of creatures. She had no prior knowledge of Vincent Van Gogh, but the show’s portrayal of the eccentric Dutch painter piqued her interest and sparked a fascination that would last a lifetime Blaze Designs.

She wrote two or three biographies, watched documentaries and movies about him, and started blogging about him online as a result. She recalls that, despite Van Gogh being her all-time favorite artist, she was unable to stop drawing and painting. Additionally, M.C. Escher’s mind-bending and sinister works provided her with an imaginative escape, and her grandfather owned a book of sketches by another Dutch visionary. She was inspired to make worlds and tell stories other people’s stories rather than her own by Blaze Designs.

Through Blaze Designs, Natalie J. Parker Explores Her Creativity., Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK
Natalie J. Parker

Ms. Parker also gives her time as a volunteer to the Boy Scouts of America and local animal shelters outside of her day job. She has a CPR certification, worked as a medical scribe, and recently became a Google-certified graphic designer.

Ms. Parker looks to the future and tries to keep improving her skills and growing her business, knowing that progress is often not linear and comes with setbacks. In the end, she wants to be able to live off of her art and work out of her own studio.

Through Blaze Designs, Natalie J. Parker Explores Her Creativity., Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

Blaze Designs

Ms. Parker decided to start a business doing what she was good at after graduating from high school because she couldn’t find a job that was right for her. She has excelled as the owner and graphic designer of Blaze Designs since 2019.

Through commissions, she creates art and digital art for clients. She begins each project with sketches, confirms her work with clients before beginning the official design, specializes in dark designs and works with older photographs.

Ms. Parker’s distinctive style and artistic vision show how different she sees the world. She and her creative mind continue to be drawn to graphic design because it provides endless opportunities for creativity and a variety of art forms. Through social media, she has discovered a large group of artists and businesspeople who allow her to interact with and learn from professionals she admires. In a similar vein, her father’s art serves as a source of inspiration.

Through Blaze Designs, Natalie J. Parker Explores Her Creativity., Aokiteam is the Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK

Banditto Residency

Ms. Parker reflects that her most notable accomplishment was being invited multiple times to compete in the international art competition Banditto Residency, which offers accommodation for several weeks in Italy. Because the competition is only open to people invited, you have to be recognized by well-known artists with years of experience.

She has also been featured in a number of magazines for young artists and entrepreneurs. To put it simply, she attributes her success to her drive as well as her capacity to listen to the requirements of her customers and produce something that exceeds their expectations.

Ms. Parker has found it extremely satisfying, on a more personal level, to see and hear from people who have a strong connection with her work. She claims that being an artist can be very cynical and difficult. She said that our minds are constantly full of screaming and self-criticism.

Everything is questioned. We sometimes have the impression that we are a different species. However, it is so satisfying to see your work impact someone else’s life. When you do receive a genuine response, it makes everything seem worthwhile.

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