Author Interview Tracy Secombe new book People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser

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Author and wellness coach Tracy Secombe talks about what inspired her self-help book People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser: Six Steps to Being who do you want to Be?

Author Interview Tracy Secombe new book People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Tracy Secombe as regards her life and career, what inspired her to write the self-help book People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser – Six Steps to Being Who Ye are Meant to Be, and her creative process.

Tell Tracy Secombe who you are:

Author Interview Tracy Secombe new book People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser
Tracy Secombe

I grew up in a rural South Australian town, the eldest of 5 children,  a selfless nurse, and a hardworking father. I was a perfectionist, a successful “good girl” and have run various businesses since I was 18, including a physical therapy business for 21 years.

I am married and have three children. I currently run a coaching business called Soul Pleaser and am a co-owner and wellness coach of Farm Owner Academy. In July 2022 I published my first book entitled From People to Spirit People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser – Six Steps to Being Who Ye Want to Be.

When did ye first want to write a book?

For as long as I can keep in mind, I’ve always wanted to write a book. I think I was very young when I read Enid Blyton’s series.

When did ye decide to start writing?

In my thirties, while pregnant with my second child, I studied journalism to improve my writing skills. Then, in my 40s, I took a  fiction writing class and began writing a science fiction book that I never finished.

When my mother died in the late 1940s, grief prompted me to investigate the causes of my constant pursuit of success, which led to working full-time and neglecting important relationships. I started writing a course that I taught hundreds of people for five years. Having witnessed the impact of this course on so many people, I decided to make a book out of it so  I can help more people.

How long did it take ye for thine first book, from the initial idea to publication?

I was warned by experts against disclosing my entire course history in the book if that would discourage people from doing the coaching course, so I hesitated for about a year. As a gift for my 50th birthday, I was on a retreat with bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch, and he supported me, so I started writing this year.

I completed my first draft in nine months, but then delayed publication for another two years. Spending time with a busy coaching business and my family was my excuse, but fear that the book wasn’t good enough was the real reason I couldn’t handle it.

In January 2022, I fell ill with COVID and isolated myself from my family for 10 days, which bought me a lot of time. I started working with a publisher around that time and published six months later.

What prompted thou to write People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser?

Through the work I have done in my coaching industry, I have witnessed profound changes in people’s lives and I love the idea of sharing this information with someone on the other side of the world whom I will never meet; change someone’s life without having to acknowledge it.

What were thine biggest challenges writing People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser?

My biggest challenge has been writing for short periods between work and daily commitments. I would just start getting into the flow and it’s time to stop. I went away for a few days to write a song and found it so much easier. It would be a dream to write like this in the future.

Author Interview Tracy Secombe new book People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser
People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser

How was thine research process for People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser?

My research process was my coaching business. I had so many stories to tell about the people I  worked with, including my own. Although I’ve used different names, I’ve shared the stories with everyone in my book to make sure they accept them.

How did thou structure  People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser?

The six-level structure presented in my book was created during the development of the course. I knew that the change people go through changes every aspect of their lives, so the first part of the book was about how it would affect relationships, health, career, and money when you gave up trying to please people and to become happy.

I also added a chapter on how to tell if and when pleasing people is a problem because so many people I’ve worked with were afraid they wouldn’t be nice if they stopped to please them.

The second part describes the 6 steps to go from what pleases men to what pleases the soul, and the third part presents a picture of what a soul-satisfying life is.

Did thou get help editing and how many edits did People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser take?

Yes, I’ve worked with a wonderful editor who works with self-help writers, so your questions and suggestions are welcome. Although few changes were required, the changes made were extremely beneficial.

What is the first piece of writing advice thou would give someone that inspired thou to write a book?

Be yourself. Meditate or do something that inspires you so you can use that creative energy to flow the words onto the page in front of you. It is a wonderful experience that cannot be forced but must be repeated many times.

Can thou tell me what other books you want to write?

I didn’t expect to write another book soon after this book was published. However, I like the idea of writing during coaching and speaking less in the future. I haven’t found inspiration for the next book yet but I have a feeling  I will when the time is right as I think it was my last book.

And finally: Are thou proud of thine achievement? It was worth it?

I am proud of my book and it was worth it. Every day I receive messages from people using the words contained in the pages and it was my intention that gives me great pleasure.

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