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The Almas Band’s new single Cage is a hit all over North America because it captures the essence of rock with a contemporary twist.

The Almas

New Munster, Wisconsin-based hard rock band The Almas are all-original touring outfit. Lead vocalist Crystal Teigland, founding member and lead guitarist Frank Slifka, guitarist Josh Sukowski, and drummer Andrew Ehredt make up the band.

The Almas showcase the truest essence of Rock n’ Roll with a contemporary twist through guitar-driven licks, road dog attitudes, and a professional, high-energy live performance! The Almas were able to realize their vision for their newest EP, “The Almas II,” thanks to collaboration with Kile Odell, a #1 Active Rock producer.

The Almas Band
The Almas Band

Frank explained that this band has always focused on supporting one another. Whether it’s through motivation, a positive message, or just creating a fun, entertaining setting where people can escape the problems in their lives.

Music from The Almas

The band went over 39,000 miles and played close to 100 shows in a country still recovering in 2022 alone. The band formed in 2016 and has since released an EP with the same name and two full-length albums, “Back To Bad” and “Truth Sells.” The band has toured with Smile Empty Soul and performed with Saliva, Buckcherry, Royal Bliss, Plush, Saving Abel, Eva Under Fire, and Wayland to promote their music.

In addition, the Almas are well-known for their unwavering dedication to raising awareness of mental health issues, which includes their support of numerous Veteran events, particularly Rock2Stop22. Rock2Stop22 is a music festival that aims to bring attention to the alarming suicide rate among veterans returning home.

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