ZXEREX Safe™: An Alternative To Marijuana Testing In The Workplace

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IMPAIR-ID powered by ZXEREX Safe uses precise, non-invasive, science-based AI and machine learning technology to quickly screen for neurological impairment caused by marijuana use.

Marijuana Testing

Companies have long utilized random and pre-employment marijuana testing to identify users. Sadly, while body fluid testing reveals the presence of a drug, it does not reveal whether a test subject is impaired. Many employers are abandoning urine and saliva testing due to the long-term effects of some drugs, like marijuana, which can be detected in the urine three to four weeks after use. As a result, a positive test result does not necessarily imply impairment at the time of the test. A problem has arisen in a number of states that have made the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana legal.


ZXEREX Safe™: An Alternative To Marijuana Testing In The Workplace

ZXEREX Safe technology can quickly identify impairment, which is important for workplace safety. It determines whether a person is under the influence of a drug like marijuana, whose active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH), binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and impairs motor skills, alters the mood and sensory perception, distorts time, affects memory, and influences thinking for approximately four to eight hours.

Employees who show up to work impaired or become impaired at work are discouraged from using drugs by the ability to quickly identify the effects on the brain. Marijuana testing of body fluids may still be required for employers under government contracts or those with a zero-tolerance drug policy. Some employers have reportedly been forced to fire skilled, well-trained workers who were not actually impaired when tested.

Neurological Impairment

Zxerex addresses this problem with a patented, accurate, quick, and non-invasive screening test that immediately identifies temporary neurological impairment. The test, which records and analyzes abnormalities in both voluntary and involuntary eye movements in the Cloud, takes just a few minutes to complete. In clinical studies carried out at major medical centers, Zxerex has developed and validated bio-signatures of impairment for drugs like marijuana and opioids.

Screening can be done at crucial times of the day, such as the beginning of a work shift for a high-risk job, when the technology is combined with an employer’s own safety program. Employees will be significantly less likely to exhibit impairment or use drugs on the job if they are aware that this technology can identify impairment. A company can reduce accidents, injuries, absenteeism, and overall productivity by deterring impairment.

By preventing employees from engaging in risky behavior both inside and outside of the workplace, ZXEREX Safe and IMPAIR-ID can assist businesses in providing a safe workplace.

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